Blanket Care Instructions

Thank you for your interest in one of our fine blankets, sheets, or liners! We here at Derby Originals are committed to making sure your blanket has the longest lifespan possible, and have designed the following care guides in order to help you keep your blankets clean, safe, and useful for years to come!

Dried mud, fur, and other debris should be regularly brushed off your blanket. A stiff bristled brush often works best for this. Keeping your blanket clean helps extend its lifespan, as well as help to keep your dog clean and happy. You can also use a damp, soapy rag to remove wet mud/debris and then wipe your blanket dry, for waterproof nylon blankets only.

For bigger messes or blankets that have begun to smell, blankets made of nylon or fleece can be washed in your standard washing machine. We recommend that canvas and wool blankets be washed by hand following the instructions below. All removable parts, such as elastic leg straps, should be removed before washing, all velcro straps velcroed together, and your blanket should only be washed in detergent made for use with dog blankets, or gentle animal-safe cleaners. Use cool water and a gentle washing cycle. For heavily messy/smelly blankets, you may need to wash them multiple times.

Do NOT use fabric softener with any of our blankets as it will damage their waterproofing and breathing abilities and prevent the blanket from wicking water and sweat off your dog. All of our warranties are void if you do this. All of our blankets should be air-dried or line-dried, not put in a dryer. Blankets too large to be put into a washing machine can be washed by hand, following the same instructions outlined above.

If your blanket becomes nicked or torn, the blanket should immediately be sewn or patched to prevent further damage from occurring. We offer free replacement velcro patches if your blanket is still under warranty. All elastic leg straps, if replaceable, should be regularly inspected and replaced when they become worn and stretched out in order to ensure your dog’s safety.

Please take care to ensure that your blanket fits comfortably, and there are no parts that are rubbing or irritating your dog. Your blanket should be regularly removed and inspected.