Tahoe Tack Horse Corner Hay Feeder Patented With Super Tough Bottom and 1 Year Warranty 1200D Reflective Design.

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Super Tough Bottom® is a registered trademark # 6259398.

TAHOE TACK HORSE CORNER HAY FEEDER PATENTED WITH SUPER TOUGH BOTTOM AND 1 YEAR WARRANTY 1200D REFLECTIVE DESIGN was designed to be a lightweight, portable, and easier to use alternative to traditional heavy, bulky, and hard to move rubber, metal, or plastic hay feeders. This product features a Patented hanging design featuring 3 sturdy d-rings.  Our nylon fabric hay feeders pack flat for easy storage and weigh only a few pounds which makes moving them a breeze! This makes our feeders especially ideal for use in the trailer or at events because they can be easily stored away and then moved to wherever you need to use them. Our 27” long by 21” wide by 12” deep corner feeders are perfect for feeding hay and are ideal for everything from daily use to trailering. Our new and improved feeder design features round rolled 360° reflective trim for added safety and visibility, and our exclusive nylon web super-tough bottom that allows dust and debris to exit your hay while preventing excess wastage. Our super tough bottom was designed with reinforced stitching at every intersection and edge for drastically increased durability and longevity. If you’re looking for a better feeding solution for your horse, donkey, sheep, cow, or goat, our corner feeder is perfect for you!


  • IDEAL FOR USE IN STALLS OR TRAILERS - our reflective corner feeders are designed to be easy to hang and use in the corner of a stall, in the trailer, or even in the pasture. These versatile feeders can be easily moved and folded flat for storage.
  • SUPER TOUGH BOTTOM® DESIGN - our exclusive Super Tough Bottom® is made of reinforced overlapping nylon webbing. This design allows for superior strength and durability while keeping your hay fresh and allowing dust and debris to exit the bag.
  • EASY TO FILL, HANG, AND MOVE - our corner feeders are easy to fill and hang thanks to our unique D-ring design. These lightweight and foldable nylon feeders are a breeze to move compared to heavy and bulky rubber, metal, or plastic feeders.
  • MAKES FEEDING TIME A BREEZE - feeding your horse with our corner hay feeder is as simple as dropping in your hay flakes. This only takes seconds compared to the hassle of struggling daily to stuff other mangers, hay nets, and feeders.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY - this product comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees your product will be free of quality defects. Visit Derby Originals’ website for more information.
  • Patent #  US D1,029,412 S

      Customer Reviews

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      Wow, better than expected!!

      For being the same price point of other corner feeders this is far better constructed. The woven webbing would allow grain to fall through but not an issue for me, only feed hay in the trailer. The reflective stripe on the face is a nice touch and double stitch corners look sturdy too. The only way I could see to improve is if the double stitched corner were reinforced with the webbing used in the bottom and around the top. I am ordering another right now to replace the other old one. Money well spent.

      Wow, better than expected!!

      For being the same price point of other corner feeders this is far better constructed. The woven webbing would allow grain to fall through but not an issue for me, only feed hay in the trailer. The reflective stripe on the face is a nice touch and double stitch corners look sturdy too. The only way I could see to improve is if the double stitched corner were reinforced with the webbing used in the bottom and around the top. I am ordering another right now to replace the other old one. Money well spent.

      Fits my slant load Logan 2002 perfect

      The bottom is woven nylon so sturdy but alfalfa leaves fall thru

      Fits my slant load Logan 2002 perfect

      The bottom is woven nylon so sturdy but alfalfa leaves fall thru





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