Derby Originals Large 24 OZ Canvas Horse Hay Bag 2 Sided Combo Design X Wide Gusset and 6 Month Warranty

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  • NEW DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN - this premium hay bag has a 7" diameter circular opening for free-choice access to hay on one side, and on the opposite side there is a grid of 4 3.5" x 1.75" rectangular webbed openings for slow feeding.
  • EXCLUSIVE RIPSTOP DESIGN - these canvas hay bags are made from heavy-duty 24oz canvas with a ripstop weave. This means that our fabric has been reinforced to make it even more resistant to rips and tears. All seams on this bag have been reinforced.
  • GREAT FOR OWNERS OF MULTIPLE ANIMALS - these hay bags are perfect for use with animals who have different feeding needs because you can simply switch which side of the bag you are using depending on who is eating out of it.
  • DECREASES HAY WASTE AND PREVENTS SPOILAGE - using hay bags quickly pays for itself by cutting waste by over 50%. This also helps prevent your animal from consuming soiled hay. With rising feed costs, it is more important than ever to minimize losses.
  • 6 MONTH WARRANTY - we are proud to be the only company to offer warranties on our hay bags, and have done so for many years. We stand behind our products. This canvas hay bag has a 6 month warranty against quality defects.


Our new and improved canvas hay bag features a 7" diameter circular opening on one side for free-choice access to hay, and 3.5" x 1.75" rectangular webbed openings on the other side for slow feeding. Our premium double-sided hay bags are designed for use out in the pasture, inside the barn or stall, or in the trailer.

This new and improved model is our strongest ever, made of ultra-durable 24oz ripstop canvas. It is also the first hay bag to feature a large free-choice style opening on one side, and a slow-feed style grid on the back. This innovative design means that you can either offer free-choice access to the hay within the bag or use the slow-feed side to keep your animal eating and digesting for longer.

Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality products possible at an affordable price point. We are a family-owned company of animal lovers who have been designing and selling innovative products for over 25 years in North Canton, Ohio. We stand behind our premium product designs and are proud to offer a 6 Month Warranty on this canvas hay bag.

Our canvas hay bags are the only ones on the market to be made from heavy-duty 24oz canvas that is also ripstop, making our bags exceptionally resistant to rips and tears. Every seam on our bags is reinforced, and we use extra strong thread to stitch these bags together.

This new double-sided design allows you to have the choice to provide your animals with the many benefits of slow feeding, including:

  • Aiding Gut Motility
  • Aiding in Weight Management
  • Allowing Natural Wear of Teeth
  • Decreasing Wasted Forage
  • Decreasing Secretions of Cortisol
  • Improving Overall Digestion
  • Minimizing Boredom
  • Minimizing Food Aggression
  • Preventing Health Issues Including Bloat, Colic, Laminitis, and Stomach Ulcers

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
A Customer
Sturdy and holds a lot of hay

I didn’t realize how large this hay bag was going to be when I ordered it - but it’s perfect to hold a large amount of chopped hay. Photo of a grain bag for size comparison.
Bag is very sturdy, great value for the price.

Frank Rizzo

Passed the first day test - will update later!
Fits about 5 flakes of double compressed Timothy hay = 35lbs or more easily or snuggly.
Fluffy hay, sure it can fit a lot but it’s labor intensive:)
Nice 6” opening on the front to make sure it’s not too little; wish they would just replace the back slow feeder with another 6” hole in the back!
Good feeder as long as fully stuffed!

UPDATE after 2 weeks - this thing rocks!!! Totally indestructible!
Horse people - look no further ( I wish I was getting paid for this:) Had a chance to compare it live w/cheap knock offs - 4 of them ripped already!
Yes, can stuff it w/only a 7lbs flake in a stall 3 times/day - it will outlast the horse:)

Lauren Fong
Backside has a square grid opening that's like a slowfeeder.

The backside has a rectangular hole that is meant for slow feeding purposes. I didn't know that when I bought it based off the pictures. I give my mare alfalfa daily before riding, and I wanted a solid hay bag to keep the hay off my clothing due to allergies. When I saw that the backside had the slow feed squares I was a little surprised. This hay bag is surprisingly large, with your average 55lb bale I can definitely fit 4+ flakes. The only negative comment I have is that I do wish it came with it's own strap to either hang it in the stall or trailer, or even a double ended snap as I'm awkwardly tying mine up with bailing twine instead.

Good hay bag for horses

I purchased this hay bag for my 3 year old ottb who couldn't figure out the hay net and he loves it. So far it has held up to his daily use. I use large metal clips with an o-ring attached to the wall for ease of stuffing the bag. It is easy for barn staff to use as well.

Nice strong bags!

So far these hay bags are holding up great! Better than others I've been able to find. Seem to be very strong!

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Time Since Purchase Proportionate Value Credit For Manufacturing or Material Defects Only

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